Thuraya SF2500


Cost-effective voice calls and SMS for all crew and contractors, with no headaches over the bill

If you have teams of people stationed offshore for long periods, or sub-contractors coming aboard for vital work, keeping all of the crew in touch with shore operations is essential.

However, when there are staff from different companies aboard, crucial calls to be made and crew welfare to be considered, monitoring the communications bill, including who is paying for what, can quickly become a headache.

IEC Telecom Group’s SF2500 package offers a simple way to access the reliability of satellite communications 24/7, while also making sure there is no confusion over who needs to pay.

The SF2500 offers straightforward voice call capability, allowing calls to landlines, mobiles or other satellite phones. In addition, the terminal can be used to send SMS messages for really cost-effective simple communications, thanks to the large colour LCD screen and simple-to-use interfaces.

While this hardware is ideal for day-to-day operational communications, it has also been packaged with the option of using scratch cards to facilitate crew calls. The scratch cards can either be provided for crew welfare, or sold as and when required. Options for securing and managing the line mean it is available when needed for operational use, while call budgets can be tightly controlled.

The flexibility this package offers lets a private company line be used as a ‘public’ phone for crew calls. It can also be used to offer sub-contractors easy access to communications, without the need for them to bring their own satellite phone or other devices. Since their usage can be controlled through scratch cards too, it won't lead to disagreements over the phone bill; instead it acts as a tool for companies to more effectively mange their relationship.

Other features include a built-in GPS tracking system that offers proven reliable performance in the harsh conditions of the Middle East. In cases of emergency this tracking capability is put to use along with an easy-to-deploy alert feature. The system’s alert button can be set to send a ready-made emergency message and time-stamped GPS location to up to three pre-configured contacts during an emergency. This means your crew is only one press of a button away from summoning help if their vessel finds itself in trouble, or there is a medical emergency on board.

These same tools can also be configured to provide onshore operations with regular automated position reports, to track your vessel’s location at all times, while a call log records the last five missed, received and dialled calls. A geo-fencing capability alerts vessel skippers or shore support when a boat goes outside a predetermined area of operation.

The SF2500 package combines a terminal that is easy to install with an omni-directional active antenna, small enough to be mounted above deck on most vessels, but powerful enough to ensure a permanent communications connection. Enhance the safety of your vessel operations and welfare of your crew with reliable and robust communications through IEC Telecom Group’s SF2500 package and Thuraya’s satellite network.


  • Excellent voice quality
  • Thuraya coverage area is more than two-thirds
  • of the global coverage
  • GPS tracking & emergency alert function
  • Built for extreme conditions
  • High temperature and humidity tolerence
  • Affordable voice and SMS communication
  • Easy-to-install
  • Small but powerfull antenna


1. What is the coverage of SF2500?
100% of the territory of the Caspian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, the Persian Gulf and other territories. See more in the map below.

2. What is the price of SF2500?

Please, request the price for this solution directly from the head of sales department, Aygerim Koyshybaeva. Aygerim would be pleased to provide you with effective price on the day of request.

+7 771 775 66 68
+7 727 2588 533 ext. 122
3. Does IEC TELECOM provide quality control certificate for SF2500?
Yes, it does. IEC TELECOM provides with quality control certificate as well as certificate of origin.
4. Is there any cheap rate for service or special conditions for purchasing the equipment offered by the IEC TELECOM?

Yes, there is. Cheap rate and special terms can be offered in certain cases. Please, request the information directly from the head of sales department Aygerim Koyshybaeva.

+7 771 775 66 68
+7 727 2588 533 ext. 122
5. Does the company provide training courses for the staff on working with SF2500 solution?
Yes, it does.
6. Is technical support service provided?
Yes, technical support service is provided 24/7/365.
7. Who is responsible for equipment installation?
This work is realized by the specialists of IEC TELECOM. In case the equipment installed by the customer, the guarantee is not valid.
8. What period is covered by guarantee?
Shipping the equipment, we provide a warranty card for THURAYA which is valid during 12 months.
9. What is the time for delivery of the equipment?

The delivery period depends on the location of the customer. On average, it is about 2-5 working days. We recommend reserving the equipment in advance. Please, request for the information directly from the head of sales department Aygerim Koyshybaeva.

+7 771 775 66 68
+7 727 2588 533 ext. 122
10. How to pay for IEC TELECOM services?
It is acceptable to pay in cash, by card or bank transmission due to the invoice. The forms of payment are: prepayment and postpay.
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